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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I know it has been awhile since I have posted so I thought I would bring you all up to speed on what is going on.

I saw Dr. Baker yesterday and he said I have to stay with mom and dad one more month. He is afraid if I go back home that old habits die hard and he thinks that if I go back home I will fall back into old habits namely smoking and not eating as I should. So I can be policed better out here. I wasn't real happy when I heard that but I understand why he is doing it. I guess healing any way I can is better than anything. At least we haven't killed each other. We are getting along better than I thought we would. I thought we would be at each other's throats by now but we aren't and it has me kind of shocked. At least it's not a permanant thing. I go back and see Dr. Baker on June 1 and he said I might and should be able to go home then. I think I should be closed up or nearly closed up by then.

We stopped at Toad Suck Days on the way back from Little Rock yesterday so I got my walk in, sore toe and all. I had my toe nail "operated" on they took part of it off on Tuesday to prevent it from becoming ingrown again. Dr. Byrum said my toenail was very curved and this should stop that problem. I know it did in my left foot. The problem is that this time it is hurting a lot more not sure why but it is. I got the good stuff though and it is helping. I could use my crutches but I hate using those. I am on those enough as it is. Anyway back to Toad Suck Days. They mainly had food vendors and I had a corndog. Mom had a polish sausage and Dad had tornado potatoes which he said were basically potato chips on a stick that were fresh out of the fryer. He said they were good. We also got a funnel cake. Gotta have one of those when you are at a festival. Dad got some good pictures which I'm sure he will post on his facebook page. There was a street band playing and some swing dancers they sure were good, very agile. I think they were going to be on the news probably in Little Rock because someone was filming them.

But I think the highlight of the day for me was when I got to see the TIV (tornado interception vehicle) it is from this show called Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. It was going East as we were going West. I just happened to be looking out my window and saw it go by. I freaked out. I always wondered if I would ever get to see it as we are close to tornado alley. I think they were driving TIV 1 because that is what it looked like. I know in past seasons the second one they built has had problems and they have to go back to the first one and so we will see when they start to show the show again. But anyway I was excited.

I guess that is all for now.