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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 27 2011

I am waiting on my dad to get dressed so I can start to get ready to make the long trip to Little Rock. I am having to go back so Dr. Baker can look at my bottom wound and see why it isn't healing. My bottom wound is still open and seems to be getting bigger and deeper.

I just have this sinking feeling he will be putting me back in the hospital. It seems every time I go back to him with some problem with a wound that is what he does then he goes in and cleans it up. I am hoping he will just do this in office this time. But I am not anticipating this.

I am also a little scared to see him since I have been gaining a little weight and I don't like it. I know he can't be too happy about it but he hasn't gotten on to me about it. So we will see.

Lots for him to look at. So here we go.

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